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About Us

Black International was built on a simple idea.

After hearing too many stories from staff of tools being stolen from site, a builder from Auckland decided enough was enough. The duration of a flight from Auckland to the US was all it took to design Black International’s Orchid™, a discreet GPS and GSM protection mechanism for your battery-powered assets. 


Utilising GPS and GSM technology and tapping into the power in your tools, boat or car, Orchid™ is a world-first location device designed to let you know where your asset is when you ask. It’s accompanying app and website allows you to log your assets and align them to your unique Orchid™ codes. Then when requesting location data, it utilises GPS and GSM signals to locate your possession with Orchid™ inside, sending back a map with pinpoint of your missing property.   


Orchid™ is designed to fit easily inside the powerhouse of a hand drill, meaning true discretion from building-site burglars. Having been the victim of tool theft himself, Colin Roberts understood that tools, mean the ability to work for every tradie. It took 18 months from idea to inception, but Orchid™ is now available for sale at selected retailers.  


Designed, manufactured and administered by New Zealanders, this is a piece of ingenuity is the smartest and most efficient way to locate your battery-powered assets. All you have to do is activate, install and locate. Circular saws, sanders, speedboats, jet skis, quadbikes or electric bikes – know exactly where they are.  


Keep track of the things you value most with Orchid™.   

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